Our Climbing Collective

My friends are a loose collective of climbers who share similar values and ideas in climbing. We try to go big and push our limits without cutting corners. The motto is “punishment = glory.” We post trip reports and thoughts on climbing and other ways to push ourselves on our site: pullharder.org

Some of my contributions to Pullharder (click to go to the reports):

The Citadel, Edge of Time Arete. The almost legendary beautiful sheer granite peak way remote in the Sierra, 32 miles round-trip. Probably my hardest Sierra day yet.

Tahquitz Rock, 61 pitches in a day, including The Edge, on this original, yet still great, classic american crag.

Matthes Crest in Tuolomne, traverse of the formation

Indian Creek, Utah, many beautiful pics and a story of Nath’s return to climbing with a new baby

Star Trekkin’ on Mt Russell Car-to-car

Evolution Traverse, First Winter Ascent (The Pullharder Ducky report)

Evolution Traverse Comprehensive beta and gear list

Denali Slide Show at MesaRim Climbing Gym

NE Ridge of Lone Pine Peak, First Winter Solo (I like this one)

Venusian Blind Arete of Temple Crag, First Winter Ascent

Mount Whitney, Winter solo ascents of East Face and East Buttress in a day, seemingly first such linkup in Winter

Bear Creek Spire, Ascent in full Winter conditions in January (The Ben vs. Konstantin conversation report)

Michael Strassman Memorial Route on Lone Pine Peak, December ascent (we’re claiming first Winter ascent)

The Grand Canyon’s Zoroaster Temple in a single push (A 6-year dream in the making)

Death Valley to Whitney – Continental USA’s lowest to highest in 24 hours (the Honey Badger Trip Report)

Temple Crag: Dark Star and Sun Ribbon Arete on back-to-back days (harder than it seems)

West Rib of Denali

Solo West Buttress of Denali

Mt Russell’s Fishhook Arete, winter ascent

Shredding the SoCal Triple crown: snowboarding Baldy, San Jacinto and San Gorgonio

Konstantin on the West Rib of Denali, Alaska


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