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Year in Concerts 2012, part 1

I love live music! My record streak was eight straight nights of live music at age 20 or so. Since then, I’ve fallen off, but I still try to get out once a month. My annual concerts summary post is … Continue reading

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La Jolla Half, 200 Proof Local

Local means a lot to me. So every year when the La Jolla Half Marathon comes around, I run it or at least cheer my friends on. And in all cases I celebrate with friends afterward. The race goes right … Continue reading

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Hello Dalai

“Big home, big car, big salary: this is the meaning of life? No! Certainly not!” Thus spake the Dalai Lama when he came to  UC-San Diego last week. Material stuff fails to bring inner peace and happiness– but you knew … Continue reading

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There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West 2011

Jan 1, 2011, La Jolla Shores. December 30, 2011, Washington DC. Day and night. A sunset draws on both and is in essence neither, or maybe it is both. Many of the most interesting ideas lie at the intersection of … Continue reading

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Chitown, My Town, and the rest of America’s top cities

Sun Rises on Lake Michigan and Chicago After the week’s trips to DC and Chicago, and reasonable exposure (3+ trips) to all of America’s most populous and famous metro areas, here’s how I’d rank America’s big cities in terms of visiting:

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Perfect Day: Palomar 130 Bike Ride

Sunrise, on the bike. Sunset, on the bike. In between, San Diego’s most famous mountain, good times with friends and 130 miles. Perfect day. Back when we were 18, my friend Matt J. had the idea to hike all day; … Continue reading

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I can ride my bike with no pacer cars: enjoying America’s top bike climbs

I love biking out far in San Diego county and beyond, preferably in the hills and even better with no watch to shackle my wrist. No races on bikes this year allowed me to enjoy it more. This year I was … Continue reading

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