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Western States 100: I’m not sweating– my body is crying

“I believe that man will not merely endure: he will prevail.” -Faulkner, from his Nobel acceptance speech. Mile 35. The sky kept pouring, sometimes with sleet, sometimes with hail, sometimes with huge rain drops that are rare for the usually … Continue reading

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Hello Dalai

“Big home, big car, big salary: this is the meaning of life? No! Certainly not!” Thus spake the Dalai Lama when he came to  UC-San Diego last week. Material stuff fails to bring inner peace and happiness– but you knew … Continue reading

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What Our Ascent of the Evolution Traverse Means to Me

Last week Konstantin Stoletov, Shay Har-Noy, a rubber duck (“Ducky”), and myself completed a Winter Ascent of the Evolution Traverse, the biggest and most daunting High Sierra technical climb yet to be completed in Winter, and thus far the only Winter … Continue reading

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Subzero on a northern hill on the Winter Solstice

Visiting Lithuania on the solstice was a powerful experience. I posted once here, but rational thoughts are not sufficient, so I must add this post. All day sun is commonplace at home in Southern California. A perfect sunset is just … Continue reading

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Czech Yr Head: Prague

Prague, the center of Bohemia. Free love. Beer. Atheism. World’s oldest bridge. World’s biggest castle.  Absinth. Kafka. Prague is Eastern Europe’s most glorified city. But after this, my second trip, I still ponder why.

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Counting Countries

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2004. Let’s count: Looking this way I see one–one country here. The USA base at Bagram is 30 miles behind me. Let’s travel to as many countries as we can! But wait, what does it mean, “country”? Must … Continue reading

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Going for speed: The Annual 5 Minute Mile

Here is a truth about training that is hard to swallow: It’s not that you get in shape and the workout hurts less. It’s that you get in shape and are able and ready to hurt more. It’s not about … Continue reading

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