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Chitown, My Town, and the rest of America’s top cities

Sun Rises on Lake Michigan and Chicago After the week’s trips to DC and Chicago, and reasonable exposure (3+ trips) to all of America’s most populous and famous metro areas, here’s how I’d rank America’s big cities in terms of visiting:

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My AP Top 25 Songs List

When we were kids, every month I made members of my family list their AP (Audio Popularity, not Associated Press) top 25 songs. I’d then compile them based on points ranking and come up with the family’s favorite song. We … Continue reading

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Counting Countries

Kabul, Afghanistan, 2004. Let’s count: Looking this way I see one–one country here. The USA base at Bagram is 30 miles behind me. Let’s travel to as many countries as we can! But wait, what does it mean, “country”? Must … Continue reading

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Zoroaster Temple, America’s Holy of Holies

It is often said that the Grand Canyon is America’s Cathedral. In that case, Zoroaster Temple–the most symmetric and beautiful of the dozens of towers rising improbably from the center of the Grand Canyon–is the Holy of Holies. The entry … Continue reading

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I can ride my bike with no pacer cars: enjoying America’s top bike climbs

I love biking out far in San Diego county and beyond, preferably in the hills and even better with no watch to shackle my wrist. No races on bikes this year allowed me to enjoy it more. This year I was … Continue reading

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In the Soundless Awe and Wonder: My 25 Favorite Mountains

Climbing Forbidden Peak in North Cascades National Park last weekend was one of the best mountain experiences I’ve ever had. I was thinking Forbidden must be in my top 10, and maybe even my top 5 favorite peaks I’ve ever … Continue reading

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On the Cover: Top 25 Best Cover Songs of the Last 20 Years

Cover songs: we all love it when the neighborhood band plays one, but it’s hard to find them actually done well. But it occasionally happens. Here are my 25 favorite cover songs of the last 20-ish years. Just the last … Continue reading

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