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There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West 2011

Jan 1, 2011, La Jolla Shores. December 30, 2011, Washington DC. Day and night. A sunset draws on both and is in essence neither, or maybe it is both. Many of the most interesting ideas lie at the intersection of … Continue reading

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Subzero on a northern hill on the Winter Solstice

Visiting Lithuania on the solstice was a powerful experience. I posted once here, but rational thoughts are not sufficient, so I must add this post. All day sun is commonplace at home in Southern California. A perfect sunset is just … Continue reading

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Lithuania My Fatherland

Užupis Constitution in Vilnius. Those last 3 points are an inspiring summation of the Lithuanian spirit. Lithuanian forests are so deep, so haunting, so ancient, so filled with spirit, they would make the Blair Witch cringe. Moonlit views of those … Continue reading

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How the Other Half Lives: Slovakia

Clock tower views of the Bratislava central square’s holiday booths. When ethnic tensions no longer held under wraps by the USSR split Czechoslovakia in 1993, Czechia definitely took most of the fame. Slovakia, the lesser known brother, is a small … Continue reading

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Czech Yr Head: Prague

Prague, the center of Bohemia. Free love. Beer. Atheism. World’s oldest bridge. World’s biggest castle.  Absinth. Kafka. Prague is Eastern Europe’s most glorified city. But after this, my second trip, I still ponder why.

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Bloc Party Budapest

Budapest, Hungary. The quintessential Eastern European city in that it’s so quixotic, so different from the rest of Eastern Europe yet it echoes with so many historical and cultural similarities to elsewhere in Europe. I’d like to put my finger … Continue reading

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Revolution is my Name: Poland

What, what’s the sun doing in Poland in winter? Oh, setting at 2:45pm, that’s what it’s doing… The scent of diesel and smoldering rubbish, a gloomy populace and an ethos of perpetual defiance. I must be in Eastern Europe! Am … Continue reading

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