Zoom Loco is the name of the small but high quality shoe brand I founded beginning at age 15. It is also my trail name (Appalachian Trail GA–>ME 2000). And for the record it was also my stage (rap) name.

I grew up in the Appalachians, then lived for spells in the Tien Shan (Kyrgyzstan) and the Rockies. I love mountains and most everything about them. Now I live by the sea in La Jolla, California, with the mighty Sierra Nevada very close by. My favorite place is Joshua Tree.

I love sports, especially running, rock climbing and mountaineering. I enjoy them for their own sake, and I also use them to better understand myself, humanity and the world. In all of these things, I like to go big, push myself, and do hard things where I might fail–without a chance of failure, a success is not as sweet. I also surf, bike, backcountry snowboard and at one point, I loved basketball over all else.

I hold a rather dim view of The Man, defined variously as Big Brother and our corporate puppetmasters. However, I hold a rather high view of man, as defined by Faulkner in his Nobel speech. Man will endure. I believe our evolutionary physiology and psychology are very important to our well-being and I strive to hearken back to them as much as possible. Which means I also like old stuff, in general.

My favorite architectural style is red brick gothic. My favorite place to sleep is on an overnight train, or out in the open air in nature. I study Game Theory and International Relations in grad school. I love old time (mountain music), blues, grunge, punk and old-skool Hip Hop most amongst all genres of music. Mostly I like anything with an anti-establishment message and/or in minor key.

My worldview is that of subsidiarity; my politics are libertarian paternalism. Those words seem like opposites, but think for a sec– Ron Paul and Ralph Nader actually get along and really do have a lot in common. Even before I read Thaler it made sense.

My heroes are Tank Man, Tolstoy and Jesus Christ. I do believe that a better world is coming. My goal is to be the most complete person I can be. Full stop.

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