Badwater to the Bone: Death Valley to Mount Whitney Summit in a Day

In school we learn that Death Valley is the lowest place in the Americas. Less than 100 miles away, as the crow flies, is Mt Whitney, the highest point in the 48. Distance, elevation, extreme temps, and two mountain ranges is what lies between them. To visit both in a day on your own power, you need to think like Honey Badger.

The video is a YouTube classic. Honey Badger wants some bee larva, so he goes and gets it. He doesn’t care that he gets stung 100 times in the process. He’s hungry, he doesn’t care about anything, he just goes for it.

Starting at 282′ below Sea Level at Badwater, we had ~22,000′ vertical feet of climbing and more than 140 miles to go to Whitney summit at 14,500′. But you can’t think about the difficulty of going from the low point to the high point. Honey Badger decides that he wants to do something, and will endure anything necessary in the process. If you start thinking how tired you are, how much you hurt, etc, you gotta change your mindset quick. If we started caring about little things, there is no way we would make it.

Well, Andre and I indeed did channel Honey Badger, and did make it in 19:30 on September 25. Click here for the full trip report and photos.


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