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Nevermind: why you should care about Nirvana

Nirvana’s Nevermind is nauseatingly poppy, overly produced, and often depressingly sarcastic. It is probably the band’s worst album, save perhaps the live Wishkah. But 20 years later, it is clear that Nevermind has changed the music industry indelibly– and us … Continue reading

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We say “peace”… what we really want is a “piece” of the pie

“Peace in the Mideast” is a slang term meaning goodbye.  And by peace, many Western people seem to mean the cessation of bloodshed. Which is a far thing from actual peace. When there is a little bit of unrest, when … Continue reading

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I can ride my bike with no pacer cars: enjoying America’s top bike climbs

I love biking out far in San Diego county and beyond, preferably in the hills and even better with no watch to shackle my wrist. No races on bikes this year allowed me to enjoy it more. This year I was … Continue reading

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I’ll find strength in pain: blog

My friends are a loose collective of climbers who share similar values and ideas in climbing. We post trip reports and thoughts on climbing and other ways to push ourselves on our site: The group’s catch phrase is punishment=glory. … Continue reading

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In the Soundless Awe and Wonder: My 25 Favorite Mountains

Climbing Forbidden Peak in North Cascades National Park last weekend was one of the best mountain experiences I’ve ever had. I was thinking Forbidden must be in my top 10, and maybe even my top 5 favorite peaks I’ve ever … Continue reading

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