In this cold, cold Sea World…

Sea World, along with Legoland and the Zoo (and its sister Wild Animal Park) are San Diego’s biggest tourist attractions. But do you want to pay $70 for Sea World as an adult? Doubtful. But I give you here the way to do it on the cheap. Courtesty Pat and Melissa, I’ve also used it. Completely legal and it works!

Step 1: Arrive at the gate. Say you are there to buy a souvenir only. You will get to go to VIP parking for free (saving $17!). Park.

Step 2: Go to the help desk. You have to buy an entry ticket. You can buy one for a friend/ date too. You now have 1 hour!

Step 3: Enter the park, buy a souvenir. Any souvenir. A $3 keychain will suffice. It will take 5 minutes.

Step 4: You now have 55 minutes to romp around Sea World!!! See the dolphin feeding, the penguins, get your picture taken with Shamu, whatever!

Step 5: Exit the park and return to the help desk. Show your souvenir receipt. You will get your entry fee refunded. Make sure to do this within the hour. Leave a little extra time if you go during a busy time (e.g 9am)-there can be lines.

Now you’ve been to San Diego’s pride for the investment of one hour and a few bucks! If you _really_ want to beat the system, you can get a hand stamp on your exit. I didn’t try this, but seems like it should work effortlessly and you could re-enter indefinitely…

Another tip for free Sea-Worlding: the Cirque Du Mar, the Sea World acrobatic show, is visible if full for free from Mission bay. Just swim/ kayak over to its ocean access. You will find others also watching if it’s a weekend…

And, the nightly summer Sea World fireworks (at 9:50pm) are always visible from several points in the city. From Fiesta Island, from Mount Soledad, and from the Bay are some choice places to watch…


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